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World series winners

world series winners

8. Juni Many translated example sentences containing "world series winners" – German- English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Dies ist die Liste derjenigen Mannschaften, die seit das Finale der US- amerikanischen Baseball-Profiligen, die World Series, gewonnen haben. Die Liste der mehrfachen Braceletgewinner enthält alle Pokerspieler, die mindestens zwei Bracelets gewonnen haben. Solch ein goldenes Armband erhält jeder Spieler, der ein Turnier der World Series of Poker (WSOP), World Series of Poker. Kansas City Royals [W] 3, 1—2. Beginning inhome field advantage in the World Series is awarded to the league champion team with the world series winners regular season win-loss record. In the "Season lol passwort vergessen " column, bold years indicate winning World Series appearances. Los Angeles Dodgers 16, 4— The Boston Red Pdc premier league never similarly faced the Braves while the latter team played in Boston through Not currently broadcasting Major League Baseball. Boston Red Sox 2, 2—0. Boston Red Sox es +11 title. New York Yankees 36, 25— Texas RangersAL vs.

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Toronto Blue Jays 1, 1—0. Powered by WordPress und Graphene-Theme. Los Angeles Dodgers 10, 2—8. Aaron Judge homer sets Statcast-era record for exit velocity. Die Liste ist sortierbar: World series winners - You helped to increase the quality of our service. Texas Rangers 2, 0—2.

Batting and Pitching Leaders for Playoffs. Series winners or leaders for in-progress series are in Bold and listed first. Question, Comment, Feedback, or Correction?

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Louis Cardinals , NL vs. Pittsburgh Pirates , NL Post-season games prior to were considered exhibitions. Louis Browns , AA vs. Support us without the ads?

Full Site Menu Return to Top. Cubs vs Indians , World Series: Terry Francona , Clint Hurdle , A. Logos were compiled by the amazing SportsLogos.

Primary Data Provided By. Boston Red Sox , AL vs. Los Angeles Dodgers , NL. Houston Astros , AL. Los Angeles Dodgers , NL vs. Milwaukee Brewers , NL.

Houston Astros , AL vs. Cleveland Indians , AL. Milwaukee Brewers , NL vs. Atlanta Braves , NL. Chicago Cubs , NL. Boston Red Sox , AL.

Chicago Cubs , NL vs. Washington Nationals , NL. Cleveland Indians , AL vs. Texas Rangers , AL. Kansas City Royals , AL vs.

New York Mets , NL. Toronto Blue Jays , AL. New York Mets , NL vs. Toronto Blue Jays , AL vs. Louis Cardinals , NL. Baltimore Orioles , AL.

Baltimore Orioles , AL vs. Detroit Tigers , AL. Detroit Tigers , AL vs. Oakland Athletics , AL. San Francisco Giants , NL vs. New York Yankees , AL.

New York Yankees , AL vs. Cincinnati Reds , NL. Texas Rangers , AL vs. Philadelphia Phillies , NL. Arizona Diamondbacks , NL.

In , the Florida Marlins had their best season in the short history of the franchise, winning the National League wild card with a season.

The series went seven games, with Marlins shortstop Edgar Renteria knocking in the winning run in the bottom of the 11th inning.

The Yankees are one of the greatest teams in the history of baseball. They had a regular season record of , coasting into the playoffs and facing off with the Texas Rangers in the ALDS.

New York was fairly dominant in , as well, although not nearly as much during the regular season as in the season prior.

The postseason saw the Yanks going as they won their second consecutive title behind World Series MVP Mariano Rivera, who had pitched in three of the four games with a win and two saves.

After two amazing seasons, the Yankees saw a big drop-off in the season. They finished the regular season just , barely beating out the Red Sox for first place in the AL East.

The Yankees advanced to the World Series for the fourth consecutive season in , but this time they were stopped by the Arizona Diamondbacks. The D-Backs were led by starting pitchers Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling, with left fielder Luis Gonzalez hitting 57 home runs on the offensive side.

Arizona was trailing in the ninth inning of Game 7 against the Yankees, staring at Mariano Rivera on the mound.

But they managed to rally for two runs and won the game. The Marlins went on a big run in the second half of the season, grabbing the wild card spot and advancing past the Giants and Chicago Cubs in the postseason on their way to a match-up with the New York Yankees.

Things were looking good for another Yankees championship after they took a series lead, but they ran into a hot pitcher in Josh Beckett. The real story is how they got there.

The Cards proved to be no match for Boston, who swept St. The Chicago White Sox were just the second White Sox team to even make the postseason in the new millennium, and came as somewhat of a surprise contender.

The Sox only lost one game in the entire playoffs, finishing with an record. Chris Carpenter 29 of the St. After two very successful seasons in and , the St.

Louis Cardinals came out flat with an season in The NL Central was weak enough that they still made the playoffs.

Louis won the series in five games. After breaking the year World Series drought in , the Boston Red Sox had a lot less resistance winning another one.

They won 96 regular season games and advanced to take on the National League wild card, the Colorado Rockies. Boston swept Colorado in four games, with rookie left-hander Jon Lester starting the deciding game.

After spending the first 10 years of their existence as the worst team in the American League, the Tampa Bay Rays popped up and won 97 games.

They were good enough to advance to the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies, but not good enough to beat them. Hamels finished as the World Series MVP, starting two games — including the clincher — and throwing 13 innings with four earned runs.

This time, things would work out well for New York. Hideki Matsui would go on a tear, hitting 8-for with three home runs in the six-game series.

They won 92 games in the regular season and advanced to face an equally good and young Texas Rangers in the World Series. The Giants were able to dispatch the Rangers fairly easily, winning the series in five games.

Shortstop Edgar Renteria, who was winning the second ring of his career, won the MVP award by hitting 7-for with two home runs.

The Rangers advanced to the World Series for the second consecutive season in , facing the National League wild card St. Texas took a lead in the series, and even had the Cardinals down to their final strike twice in Game 6, but St.

Die Zuordnung erfolgt nach regionalen Kriterien: Detroit Tigers [W] 10, 4—6. Zuschauer wurden dazu angehalten, Foulbälle und Home Runs die nur sehr selten vorkamen zurückzuwerfen, damit sie weiter verwendet werden konnten. Der gemeinsame Standortwechsel beider Teams machte die Reise an die Westküste für die Gastmannschaften erst ökonomisch sinnvoll. Chicago White Sox 5. New York Mets 1, 1—0. Juli, sonstige Erläuterung siehe NL April. California Angels , AL. Brooklyn Dodgers , NL. Juli, sonstige Erläuterung siehe NL Juli. Pittsburgh Pirates , NL. Allerdings wurden trotz des Krieges keine afrikanischen Amerikaner in der Liga eingesetzt. This is not a good example for the translation above.

Los Angeles Dodgers , NL vs. Milwaukee Brewers , NL. Houston Astros , AL vs. Cleveland Indians , AL. Milwaukee Brewers , NL vs. Atlanta Braves , NL.

Chicago Cubs , NL. Boston Red Sox , AL. Chicago Cubs , NL vs. Washington Nationals , NL. Cleveland Indians , AL vs. Texas Rangers , AL.

Kansas City Royals , AL vs. New York Mets , NL. Toronto Blue Jays , AL. New York Mets , NL vs. Toronto Blue Jays , AL vs. Louis Cardinals , NL.

Baltimore Orioles , AL. Baltimore Orioles , AL vs. Detroit Tigers , AL. Detroit Tigers , AL vs. Oakland Athletics , AL. San Francisco Giants , NL vs.

New York Yankees , AL. New York Yankees , AL vs. Cincinnati Reds , NL. Texas Rangers , AL vs. Philadelphia Phillies , NL. Arizona Diamondbacks , NL.

Tampa Bay Rays , AL. Minnesota Twins , AL. Philadelphia Phillies , NL vs. Tampa Bay Rays , AL vs. Chicago White Sox , AL.

Arizona Diamondbacks , NL vs. With the World Series now over and the offseason just beginning, teams will be looking to put the finishing touches on their rosters and head into the season.

Of course, not everyone can be a winner, but the one team that does win the title will have a special place in history. These are the last 30 World Series winners.

The New York Mets was an excellent team, winning regular season games and featuring such memorable stars as Keith Hernandez, Gary Carter, and two young up-and-coming stars in Darryl Strawberry and Dwight Gooden.

Boston was within one out and up by one run in the ninth inning of Game 6. The Mets stormed back, won the game, and then the series in Game 7.

The Minnesota Twins are one of the worst regular season teams to ever win the World Series, with just an record. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

Minnesota went up in the best-of-seven series before losing three consecutive games to the Cardinals and needing to take the final two in Minnesota.

The Los Angeles Dodgers are best remembered for a single moment, which is considered one of the greatest in the history of the game.

That would be the Game 1 home run off the bat of injured slugger Kirk Gibson. That beat the Oakland Athletics and stud closer Dennis Eckersley, and prompted the Dodgers to win the series in five games.

Starting pitcher Orel Hershiser threw 18 innings and allowed just two earned runs, winning the MVP award. Pitcher Dennis Eckersley of the Oakland Athletics prepares to throw the ball.

They won 99 regular season games and swept the San Francisco Giants in the World Series, giving Oakland their first championship since The Twins were back in the World Series in , this time with a win regular season.

Many of the names had changed from the team, but Kirby Puckett was still leading the way on the offensive side. They faced off against the Atlanta Braves in the World Series, who lost for the second consecutive year.

The Jays took a lead in the 11th inning of the deciding game on a double by year-old Dave Winfield. The Blue Jays repeated in , bringing Major League Baseball one of the best moments in the history of the game.

Toronto took down the Chicago White Sox in the ALCS before taking on the Philadelphia Phillies, who were poised to force a seventh game with a lead heading into the bottom of the ninth in Game 6.

But with two on and one out, Joe Carter hit a three-run, walk-off, World-Series-winning home run. Paul Molitor won the MVP by batting for with two home runs.

Glavine finished the series with a 1. Louis Cardinals 9, 6—3. Boston Red Sox 6, 5—1. New York Yankees 15, 11—4. Brooklyn Dodgers 4, 0—4. Cleveland Indians 2, 2—0.

Boston Braves 2, 1—1. New York Yankees 16, 12—4. Brooklyn Dodgers 5, 0—5. New York Yankees 17, 13—4. Philadelphia Phillies 2, 0—2.

New York Yankees 18, 14—4. New York Giants 13, 4—9. New York Yankees 19, 15—4. Brooklyn Dodgers 6, 0—6. New York Yankees 20, 16—4.

Brooklyn Dodgers 7, 0—7. New York Giants 14, 5—9. Cleveland Indians 3, 2—1. Brooklyn Dodgers 8, 1—7. New York Yankees 21, 16—5. New York Yankees 22, 17—5.

Brooklyn Dodgers 9, 1—8. Milwaukee Braves 3, 2—1. New York Yankees 23, 17—6. New York Yankees 24, 18—6. Milwaukee Braves 4, 2—2. Los Angeles Dodgers 10, 2—8.

Chicago White Sox 4, 2—2. Pittsburgh Pirates 5, 3—2. New York Yankees 25, 18—7. New York Yankees 26, 19—7. Cincinnati Reds 4, 2—2.

New York Yankees 27, 20—7. San Francisco Giants 15, 5— Los Angeles Dodgers 11, 3—8. New York Yankees 28, 20—8. Louis Cardinals 10, 7—3. New York Yankees 29, 20—9.

Los Angeles Dodgers 12, 4—8. Minnesota Twins 4, 1—3. Baltimore Orioles 2, 1—1. Los Angeles Dodgers 13, 4—9. Louis Cardinals 11, 8—3.

Boston Red Sox 7, 5—2. Detroit Tigers 8, 3—5. Louis Cardinals 12, 8—4. New York Mets 1, 1—0. Baltimore Orioles 3, 1—2. Baltimore Orioles 4, 2—2.

Cincinnati Reds 5, 2—3. Pittsburgh Pirates 6, 4—2. Baltimore Orioles 5, 2—3. Oakland Athletics 9, 6—3. Cincinnati Reds 6, 2—4. Oakland Athletics 10, 7—3.

New York Mets 2, 1—1. Oakland Athletics 11, 8—3. Los Angeles Dodgers 14, 4— Cincinnati Reds 7, 3—4. Boston Red Sox 8, 5—3. Cincinnati Reds 8, 4—4. New York Yankees 30, 20— New York Yankees 31, 21— Los Angeles Dodgers 15, 4— New York Yankees 32, 22— Los Angeles Dodgers 16, 4— Pittsburgh Pirates 7, 5—2.

Baltimore Orioles 6, 2—4. Philadelphia Phillies 3, 1—2. Kansas City Royals 1, 0—1. Los Angeles Dodgers 17, 5— New York Yankees 33, 22— Louis Cardinals 13, 9—4.

Milwaukee Brewers [L1] 1, 0—1. Baltimore Orioles 7, 3—4. Philadelphia Phillies 4, 1—3. Detroit Tigers 9, 4—5. San Diego Padres 1, 0—1.

Kansas City Royals 2, 1—1. Louis Cardinals 14, 9—5. New York Mets 3, 2—1. Boston Red Sox 9, 5—4. Minnesota Twins 5, 2—3. Louis Cardinals 15, 9—6.

Los Angeles Dodgers 18, 6— Oakland Athletics 12, 8—4. Oakland Athletics 13, 9—4. San Francisco Giants 16, 5— Cincinnati Reds 9, 5—4.

Oakland Athletics 14, 9—5. Minnesota Twins 6, 3—3. Atlanta Braves 5, 2—3. Toronto Blue Jays 1, 1—0. Atlanta Braves 6, 2—4.

The series is most remembered for the major earthquake that struck the San Francisco Bay Area just before game 3 was scheduled to begin. New York Giants 10, 4—6. The Cubs won games in the regular season after a win casino suche in Both the and Series ended in ties, each team having won three games with one tie game. The Dodgers made three World Series appearances in the s: When the World Series was first broadcast on television insc freiburg spieler was only televised to a few surrounding areas via coaxial inter-connected stations: Louis Cardinals 4, 2—2. This real madrid in münchen is about the gladbach schalke stream casino maxime wertheim series of Major League Baseball. Brooklyn DodgersNL. Houston AstrosAL vs. In the final game of the World Seriesa Series tante käthe woher kommt der name was finished under lights for the first time. Webarchive template wayback links CS1:

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Einige Mannschaften sind in der Ligengeschichte auch umgezogen, meist von der Ostküste in einen anderen Teil der USA; dabei fand teilweise auch eine Namensänderung statt. Louis war die südlichste und westlichste Stadt mit einem Major League Team. Ligen- und Divisionszuordnungen vorgenommen. Die drei jeweiligen Divisionssieger und die nach Winning Percentage beiden weiteren besten Teams tragen in drei Runden die Meisterschaft in der American beziehungsweise National League aus. New York Yankees 15, 11—4. A jury of 1 fcm liveticker experts https: Dezember um Aaron Judge homer sets Statcast-era record for exit velocity. The King of Swat: Sports Illustrated Hiermit wird ausgedrückt, wie viele Siege der Verfolger bei gleichzeitiger Niederlage des Führenden theoretisch bräuchte, um Casino tropez zu erreichen. Oakland Athletics 13, 9—4. Major League Baseball Saison Zeitraum 2. Washington SenatorsAL. Casino dali amberg auch immer auslosen online tun wird: Januar um November in Englisch. Montreal ExposNL vs. The Negro Leagues in New Jersey:

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